Tourism and handicap

Several sites in the “Monts et Lacs en haut Languedoc” are accessible to disabled or mobility-impaired persons.

To get informed

The Tourist Information Office of  Lacaune les Bains welcomes :

  • Motor disability : straight way on ground level from the locations reserved on the parking lot (slope with acces pathway)
  • Adapted reception desk, accessible documentation and staff aware about handicap.
  • Mental disability: association of pictograms, thematic display of the documentation
  • Implementation of an adapted documentation, staff aware about handicap

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To have fun

Leisure park of Laouzas (Nages)

The “Tiralo” is an adaptaed wheelchair suitable for sandy paths.
The Tiralo is an amphibious wheelchair that allows to roll on sand and to float on water.
It can roll on all types of floors, sand or pebbles. Thus you can have a stroll, reach the beach or bathe.

Find out moure on the leisure park of Laouzas
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Natural water. There is an outdoors pool with stream river, water games, water slide and pentagliss. You can lend a wheelchair and the site is equiped with a hydromechanic water launching.
Picnic area. Indoors pool with a spa (jacuzzi, sauna and hammam) and a fitness room
Cafétéria in summer.

Services linked to handicap :

  • Motor disability : Wheelchair for lend, hydromechanic water launching
  • Hearing disability : Alarm flashlight
  • Mental disability : Aware staff


Find out more on Espace des Sources chaudes
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Angling areas accessible to disabled persons

  • Pond of Poutras
  • La Rabaudié


To visit

La Maison de la Charcuterie (Lacaune les Bains)

Let ‘sdicover the skills of “salaisonniers” and their local region.  Film screening, tasting…– Audioguides in French, English, Spanish and Dutch.

Services linked to handicap :

  • Motor disability : Straight way from the reserved location in front of the entrance. Ground-floor museum. Adapted reception desk. aware staff.
  • Visual disability : Museography composed mainly of photos and pictures. Audioguides in  French, English, Spanish and Dutch. Large characters leaflets. Aware staff. Animal accepted. 
  • HMental disability : Adapted leaflet for the visit. Adapted guided tours. Aware staff.


The mountainous territory of the Monts et Lacs en Haut Languedoc and the several trails in the forests allow to provide disabled people with hiking paths.

In Joelette or with a off-road wheelchair  (Fauteuil Tout Terrain (FTT) professionals well knowing how to welcome and communicate with disabled persons can guide you and share this rich landscape with you.

With family or friends, the FTT or the Joelette allow a feeling of freedom while appreciating the surrounding nature.

Roaming and nature circuit with the  “Comité Handisport du Tarn”‘s support.  Two FTT and two Joelettes are available.

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