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Prepare your holidays

Travel guide
Discover our destination

Accommodation 2021
Hotels, gites, campsites, …
Carte Destination 
To know where you are

During your stay

Inspirations Gourmandes
Restaurants, local products, recipies
Aventures de Pitchouns
Activities for families and children
Carte “Voyage”
Touristic tours by car

Guide “Pays Pêche”
Where to fish, rules
Bases de loisirs
Activities in La Raviège and le Laouzas
Centre de Bien-Etre
Relaxation and care in Lacaune

Espace des Sources Chaudes
Pool, relaxation and sport in Lacaune
Guide des Producteurs
Direct selling: cheese, meat, honey, …

Recreational vehicles, groups

Bienvenue aux camping-cars
Parking and service area
Guide “Groupes”
Visits, restaurants, accommodations