I make something

What makes Didier the “charcutier” ?

From 3 to 6 years old. Learn how to recognize the different products… Look, smell and taste.

Duration : 1 h
From mid-june to mid-september and school holidays : each wednesday at 10.30am

Booking :
Free for under 12 years old.

Ets Oberti et Fils
Chemin de Granisse – Lacaune-les-Bains

A in the Neolithic times  …

From 6 to 12 years old. You will get a leaflet with games to do the visite and after you will make a little staue menhir that you can carry home.

Disabled persons and strollers access
Place : Centre d’interprétation des Mégalithes de Murat-sur-Vèbre
Fees : 3 € /adult for a visit in your own / 4 € for the visit and worshop/child
Duration : 2 h
In july and August on wednesday at 11am. 

Contact : Bureau d’information touristique de Murat : 05 32 11 09 45

Discovering comics A la découverte de la bande dessinée

From 6 years old. Exhibition and comics drawing at the  Galerie d’Art Frézouls at 2.30pm from Thursday to Saturday   !


3, rue du Biarnès – Lacaune-les-Bains : 05 32 11 09 45

Once upon a time… the wool

From 4 years old. A funny visit to learn all about the wool with a little workshop.
Duration : 1h30
In july and August, on Wednesday at 3.30pm
Fees : 3€/child free for adults !
Compulsory booking

Tél : 05 32 11 09 45

Follow “Coccinelle” (ladybird) in the museum,

To see how where living your great-great-great-parents !

Fees : free.  2 € /adult
Duration: 1h
Open in May, june and September fromp Tuesday to Saturady during the afternoon. In July and August, open every day except on Monday. 

Place du Griffoul – Lacaune-les-Bains : 05 32 11 09 45

Such as true farmers…

From 6 to 12 years old; you will have to help Little paul and Marianne to collect eggs, make coffee, grind the flour….

Fare : 4 € /child (+ visit free for one adult)
Duration : 1h45. Each Tuesday and Friday in july and August at 10.30am.

Centre de recherches du patrimoine de Rieumontagné
Musée de la vie paysanne en Haut-Languedoc
Ferme de Rieumontagné – Nages
Tél: 05 63 37 12 29