Mount Caroux

Caroux, the mountain of Light

Deeply intented by Héric Gorges, the imposing steep mass of Caroux and Espinouse rises to more than 1100m of altitude. It is the mountain in all its splendor, the domain of hikers and climbers, mouflon and the Royal eagle. True balcony on the Mediterranean and land of adventure, the massive Caroux, a classified site, is located in the heart of the Regional Natural Park of Haut Languedoc on the commune of Rosis. It constitutes a major pole of tourism. Located in the middle of a national reserve for hunting and wildlife, it hosts a population of over two thousand mountain goats.

Douch and its mouflon’s House

In the hamlet of Douch, the House of Mouflon and Caroux, located in the heart of this Cevennes’ typical village  with its lauzed roofs, is a great tourist attraction.

Two quality accommodations are open all year and welcome the followers of Caroux and nature lovers. Close to the bread oven, now stands the sculpture of a bronze mouflon, emblematic animal of Caroux and of the village of Rosis.

As the beating heart of  the Monts de Lacaune and the Montagne du Haut Languedoc touristic network,  Rosis has an exceptional architectural heritage (church, bread oven, oratory, peat bog, old bridge) that we invite you to discover. To find out more:

Caroux – Monts et Lacs en Haut-Languedoc