The Monts & Lacs en Haut-Languedoc spread over 30 kms between Le Sidobre and the Caroux-Espinouse massif.

To the west, The Monts de Lacaune offer a foretaste of the Massif Central while keeping an eye on the Mediterranean. Meanwhile to the east, the Rosis mountain, the Espinouse massif and the imposing Caroux, also called the “mountain of light” which, deeply cut by the Héric gorges, rises to over 1100 m in altitude where you can see a few hamlets with slate roofs.

Lakes can be see from above or up close, fish ponds, waterfalls, forests, moorland and hedged farmland, villages with character… breathtaking views… an immense natural space unfolds in front of your eyes.

A true land for adventures, a strong nature that “slaps” ! A place of predilection for hiking and climbing. Look up, you might see the Royal eagle, unless you meet a strolling mouflon among the heather…