Natural heritage

When you get here…

in Monts & Lacs in Haut-Languedoc, nature is staring you right in the face ! The landscapes are as different as breathtaking. Green of forests, blue of lakes, purple of the heather blooms, a true pictorial delight  ! In the heart of the Regional Natural Park of the  Haut-Languedoc, lying between the Hérault and theTarn Departments, preserved areas such as peatlands and heaths are for you. In the middle of this territory, a line separates the waters flowing between Atlantic and Mediterranée.

A unique biologic diversity :

Birds, bats, flowers, the”Monts & Lacs en Haut-Languedoc” shelter a large number of fauna species and a rich endemic flora, rare and preserved such as the Drosera (round-leaved sundew).

An original feature :

The Mediterranan Mouflon that you may see in the national wildlife reserve of Caroux-Espinouse.

Various landscape units :

Winding along the last foothills of the Massif Central, the “Monts & Lacs en Haut-Languedoc” offer unique sceneries.

  • The Atlantic habitat is made of peaks with the  ” Monts de Lacaune”. There are beeches, oaks and softwood. There are also many megaliths. Agriculture, everpresent,is geared mainly towards farming. Peatlands provides a stock of greenfeed crop during drought periods.
  • The Caroux-Espinouse region offers a high mountain scenery, alternating massifs and plateaus.
  • The region of the “Plateau des Lacs” is THE country of water but also of forests of various species.

Many streams shape the territory  : rivers and brooks develop their waterfalls, torrents, gorges. Fresh or sparkling waters that you can drink without restraint. The summits of Somail and of Espinouse reach the 1 124m, the  Caroux ones tower at 1091m high. The “Monts de Lacaune” are  1269m high.
This various natural environment makes it a true ideal space for adventure…