Cultural heritage

Temples, churchs, chapels, bridges,  fountains, former baking oven, mills, ancient doors… the “Monts & Lacs en Haut-Languedoc” are rich from their past.

Once upon the time…

The destination “Monts & Lacs en Haut-Languedoc can boast traces and vestiges of all the great historical periods. Neolithic menhir statues, 16th century fountains in Viane and Lacaune (both listed as Historical Monuments), remains of castles in Nages and Canac, the Maison de Payrac (witness of rural mountain dwellings)…, and to accompany all this, our various museums dedicated to the history of our region and the professions of the past !

At the bend of an alley…

Our villages also hide many treasures : an enigmatic and legendary Black Virgin in La Salvetat-sur-Agout, the sublime frescoes of Michael Greschny in Nages, an old farmhouse with stone walls and broom roof in Fraïsse-sur-Agout… and many more surprises !

Let’s go !

To appreciate the beauty of our lands and the hidden heritage of our villages, let yourself be guided by our our map “Voyage au Pays des Paysages” and its 4 tourist circuits (to be done by car):

  • La Route des Lacs” for an excursion along the water.
  • Le Somail – Espinouse” for a walk in the heart of the Hérault villages : La Salvetat-sur-Agout (ancient medieval city of the 12th century), Fraïsse-sur-Agout (village labeled 4 Flowers) or Cambon (highest commune of the Hérault).
  • You will be amazed by “Caroux – Espinouse – Haute Mare” : vast open landscapes, gneiss plateaus, but also deep gorges where the mouflon reigns supreme (moutain goat).
  • Les Monts de Lacaune” to discover the multiple facets of our destination : the charming village of Viane, the church of Lacaune (open to the public) and its paintings by Nicolaï Greschny or the spectacular panorama at the Roc du Montalet.

Here’s a good tip for visiting a maximum amount of things in a minimum amount of time !

And for your museum breaks, use your “Passeport Patrimoine” ! Valide for two people, and completely free, this document will entitle you to preferential rates in many museums and interpretation sites.

Don’t hesite to get it at one of our Tourist Information Offices or at participating sites.