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Our sweets

The honeys : the honeys of the Monts et Lacs in Haut Languedoc are not like the others… a mountain honey to which the beekeepers bring a particular care.

The “casse-museau” : The bakers of Sidobre and the Mounts of Lacaune have joined forces to make relive a jealously kept speciality: the “casse-museau”. Made with some ewe’s milk cheese for approximately 3/4 of its total composition, this rustic and precious cake is  part of the local heritage. Indeed, its origin goes back up to the Middle Ages. It was formerly eaten after Vespers by the inhabitants of the mountain. The legend of this tasty speciality ” Long long ago, when the river was full with the winter rains and the snow melting, the inhabitants took refuge higher on the mountain which dominates Brassac. The demon of the river was called “tarasque”. Inhabitants offered “Casse-museau” to calm him down. Thus was born the “Casse-Museau”.

La madeleine salvetoise : This typical Salvetoise pastry has been made for decades by our grandmothers and reminds everyone of a taste of childhood. Soft brioche, delicately flavoured with lemon, orange and orange blossom zests, it is eaten as a dessert with custard, at tea or coffee time, or even at teatime with a good bowl of hot chocolate for the most gourmet. You will find it in the
bakeries and pastry shops of La Salvetat sur Agout.


Our refreshments

THE NATURAL MINERAL WATER “MONT ROUCOUS” (LACAUNE) : Mont Roucous gushes out at an altitude of 1000m, in the forest of the Natural Park of Haut-Languedoc, in the Tarn. Because it is very weakly mineralized, Mont Roucous Natural Mineral Water can be consumed without restriction,
at all ages of life. Mont Roucous is particularly recommended for people wishing to limit their mineral intake. Moreover, Mont Roucous is a Mineral Water that is suitable for a low sodium diet.

Tel : –


NATURAL MINERAL WATER FLAKES “LA SALVETAT” : It is in the heart of the Regional Natural Park of Haut-Languedoc, in La Salvetat sur Agoût, that La Salvetat natural sparkling mineral water* is born. Very low in salt, it can be consumed by all, throughout the day. Its delicate bubbles can also be enjoyed with natural aromas of yellow and lime.

Tel : 04 67 97 58 05 –

*With added CO2


APPLE JUICE (VIANE) : Coming from family orchards, these apple juices will bring you back to the flavours of childhood. Whatever the vintage, they remain authentic, without treatment or filtration. Original flavors, a recovered grain giving the impression of biting into a juicy apple with each sip. To  consume without moderation.

Jean-Marc 06 70 30 43 87

APPLE JUICE (LA SALVETAT SUR AGOUT) : Apple juice made by hand with untreated apples
from old and local breeds, guaranteeing a juice without preservatives or added sugar. The orchard has
about 60 apple trees for about 20 different varieties.

PATAILLE Florent – 04 67 97 69 45 / 06 81 44 81 17

THE TINY BREWERY DU CASTEL (NAGES) : : Production of artisanal beer called “St Victor” available in blond, amber, white and even nettle.

MAS Frédéric – 05 63 37 06 12 ou 06 89 63 22 58.


THE BREWERY LA MONTELIOTE (LAMONTELARIE) : Located in the heart of the Regional Natural
Park of Haut-Languedoc at 1000 meters of altitude in the Tarn, the beers “la Montéliote” are produced
according to a traditional and artisanal process which lends itself to the realization of a natural and
environmentally friendly product. Beers of character with natural, subtle and varied flavors, without coloring agents or preservatives and without pasteurization.

DURAND Joan – 06 40 12 37 47 –

BLACK MOUNTAIN : Black Mountain is first and foremost the vision of a distillery destined to produce great whiskies in the heart of the Southwest. The Black Mountain Selection range results from the selection of the best whiskies, the best water and the best maturing casks to make whiskies that will enchant the nose and palate of whisky lovers! Whether you are an enlightened connoisseur, an occasional consumer or an expert, the whiskies of the Black Mountain Selection range will enchant you!

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