A popular sport in the “Monts et Lacs en Haut-Languedoc”

Fishing is a sports key in all the region : clear water rivers, lakes, ponds et even fishing trails and fish farms !
Fishermen, here you will find just the right spot ! Pack your fishing rods ! Read our guidebook  « pays pêche » and its 19 fishing circuits available at the Office of Tourism

You can buy a daily or weekly fishing permit. Also available : the discovery fishing permit for under 18 years old.




Residential  Park at Roussinas (relaxing and fishing)

Lake of Roussinas (3ha) – private lake 1st category – Fly fishing without license – big trouts (record 4,7 kg).
Equipment for renting.
Open all year long.
5€ / fisherman, 2€ /attendant
Free for children (-13 years old)
Fees for fished trout  : 8€ per kilo – Fishing permit for sale

Parc résidentiel du Roussinas
Tél :


Retenue (pond) of Pontviel

1st category, 13 ha
Two rods fishing  and use of maggots  without baiting are allowed.

Lake of Salvan

1 ha
Angling – 1st category –An extre permit is requested from march to June.
Tél. :
Fishing permits for sale at the Office of Tourism.
Tél. :


Lake of Déves

Angling – 1st category




Angling – 1st category
Tél. :



From 10th of March to the 16th of September (week ends and Bank holidays).
Tél. :
Trout fishing trail : 2 € per fished trout.
Fly-fishing circuit : 2 € per fished trout

Fishing permits for sale at the Office of Tourism.
Tél. :



Retenue (pond) of Granisse

1st catégorie
Near the Tower of Calmels, a little pond for children only and activities of the local fishing association (APPMA).
An ideal spot for leisure and picnic time.
Tél. : 06 31 53 86 72
Fishing permits for sale  : Café Ricou. Tél. :
Fishing bait for sale at Fabrès Tobacco Shop. Tél. : 05

La Salvetat-sur-Agout

Fishing farm Les Uguettes

Angling. Bait and equipment offered. On your request : emptied trouts. Trout and crayfish for sale on order all year long (for all) (truites fario (brown trout) and arc en ciel (rainbow trout 10 kg).
Drinks, coffee, ices on site. Take away wine.
Open every week-end (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) from 11/03 to 31/05 and from 01/09 to 15/10, from 9pm to midday and from 2pm to 5pm.
Open every day from 01/06 to 31/08 from 9am to 7pm.

Clément Rey
Tél. : 06 67 86 77 43 les Uguettes

Fishing permit and bait for sale at the bookshop  Penaroyas.
Tél. : 04 67 97 60 46


Le Soulié

Fishing in pond

1st category
Angling around the pond
Tél. :04 67 97 05 51



Fishing permit and bait for sale at the bookshop Simonetti.
Tél. : 05 63 37 45 20



Fishing permit  for sale at the Office of Tourism of Laouzas
Tél. : 05 32 11 09 47

Fishing permit and bait for sale  :  café restaurant le St Gervais à St Gervais
Tél. : 04 67 23 61 98



Leisure park of  « La Rabaudié »

Ideal for a fishing moment with family
Angling – 1st category
Lots of fishing competition are organised
Bureau d’information touristique de Viane
Tél. : 06 42 45 68 31

Fishing permit and bait for sale at the bookshop Rouillard.
Tél. : 05 63 37 21 95

Monts de Lacaune

All streams are 1st category


The lakes

Lake of Laouzas

2nd category
Activities around fishing for adults and children are proposed at the leisure park (read the leaflet)
Navigation under regulation –Launching ramp

Lake of St Peyres

2nd category
Navigation under regulation –Launching ramp

Lake of Vesoles

1st category

Lake of the Raviège

1st category, under specific regulation   (read leaflet)
Navigation under regulation –Launching ramp

Fishing bait for sale in most Tobacco shops


LES AAPPMA DU TERRITOIRE (local fishing associations)

La Salvetat (for FraÏsse, La Salvetat, Cambon and Le Soulié)
AAPPMA la haute vallée de l’Agout : GAVALDA Roland
Tél: 04 67 23 16 87

Murat (for Nages, Moulin-Mage, Barre and Murat)
AAPPMA Murat-sur-Vèbre : VISTE Olivier
Tél: 05 63 37 16 48

AAPPMA Lacaune : VARGAS Gérard
Tél: 06 31 53 86 72

Viane (for Gijounet, Senaux, Escroux, Berlats, Espérausses and Viane)
Tél: 05 63 37 55 69 – 06 07 37 28 70

Anglès (for Anglès and Agout left bank)
AAPPMA Anglès : CAZALS Serge
Tél: 06 16 53 34 77

Brassac (for Lamontélarié et Agout right bank)
Tél: 06 62 49 83 62

St Gervais (for Castanet-le haut)
La gaule minière : totalité du bassin versant de la Mare : CAUSSE Gilles
Tél: 06 89 97 89 29

Lamalou (for Rosis)
les Martins pêcheurs : l’Orb de sa confluence avec la Mare jusqu’au Jaur : MARTRANGOLO Antonio
Tél: 04 67 23 45 87


Fishing guides

Jean-Michel JUIF
Certified monitor.
Initiation, fly fishing, discovery of fishing with natural baiting (pyrenean way), pole fishing, carp fishing, boat predators fishing. Tél. : –