Discovery paths


The Mont Barre

– 6 km – Easy
530 m drop.
A preserved Sensitive Natural Zone


Path «Meeting Aeolus’ landscapes »

– 5,7 km – easy
Discovery path to watch the wind turbines
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PATh about the chesnut grove in Cours (Rosis)

– 5,5 km
250 m drop
To discover the typical farming architecture and the traditional life linked to the wood and to the fruit.
Leaflet 1,50€ or guide tour 5,50 €/ pers.
Association CAIRN – Tél. : ou

path about the peatland – Douch (Rosis)

You will visit a rare Mediterranean peatland.
On your own or with a guide
J. Pages
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The Prévert’s path

Classified on the French list as heritage path, it was designed by the pupils of the school that conceived the explanatory boards you will find along the path.
See the hiking leaflet starting from the village
Tourist Information Centre of Fraïsse sur Agout
Tél. : 04 11 95 08 06


path « follwing the wild child (Enfant Sauvage) »

A 3 km adventure among the forest : to play, to learn, to create while discovering the story of the wild child and his mysterious environment. A log pathed way and a giant bird nest in order to  rest and watch
Non accessible for trollers or for mobility-impaired persons.
6 km from Lacaune, on the D 622 road, towards Castres
From Easter to All Saints’ Day,  leaflets and discovery sets for sale at the Tourist Information Centre of Lacaune.
In July and August, guided visit on Tuesday and Thursday (except on public holidays)
Meeting point at 2pm in front of the Tourist Information Centre.
Compulsory registration (limited number of places).
4€ and free for children under 18 years old.

Tourist Information Centre of Lacaune-les-Bains
Tel. : 05 32 11 09 45

discovery path of the  Pansières and of Martinou

Two 3kms circuits in the Public forest of Lacaune
Leaflets conceived by  ONF (National Forestry Office) are available at the Tourist Information Centre of Lacaune all year long.
Tourist Information Centre of Lacaune-les-Bains
Tel. : 05 32 11 09 45

discovery path of the Montalet

– 1 km
At an altitude of  1259  m., the  Montalet offers a rich flora and fauna. At its top, at the Virgin’s foot, a panoramic  table  enables to interpret the  whole landscape.
Tourist Information Centre of Lacaune-les-Bains
Tel.  : 05 32 11 09 45

Park of calmels

Edging the castle of  Calmels, a 1.8km path to discover the forest and its fauna.
Leaflets for adults or for children available at the Tourist Information Centre of Lacaune les Bains
Tel. :  05 32 11 09 45


The “Sagne” OF THE Baysses

A thematic marked path : a 1km circuit. Peatland and other humid zones are numerous in the “Monts de Lacaune”. In these permanent soaked soils, plants like “sphaignes (sphagnum)” adapt themselves for settling. Sentier thématique balisé : boucle découverte de 1 km, variante de la Montéliote. Les tourbières et autres zones humides sont nombreuses dans les monts de Lacaune. Dans ces sols constamment gorgés d’eau, des végétaux comme les sphaignes s’adaptent et s’installent. Without oxygen, bacteria and fungi can no longer break out the organic matter that stacks up and produces the peat.
Tourist Information Centre of Salvetat sur Agout
Tél.  : 04 11 95 08 07

La Salvetat-sur-Agout

following the trail of the drac

A pedagogic and fun discovery path with 15 marks to see local animals prints ans also the legend about the Drac. Let’s discover this strange animal.
From the leisure park of the  Bouldouïres (lake of La Raviège).
Free leaflet available at the C.P.I.E. and at the Tourist Information Centre  of La Salvetat sur Agout – Tel. : 04 11 95 08 07
C.P.I.E.H.L. – Tél. : –

Monts de Lacaune

PATh « Au fil de la Vallée du Gijou »(Along the gijou river valley)

From Lacaune going through Gijounet and Viane. A 30km path runs along the Gijou river valley. It is a classified natural site (Natura 2000). Explanatory boards explain its environmental richness.
Leaflet available at the Tourist Information Centre of Lacaune
Tél. :  05 32 11 09 45


Natural spaces around the House of Payrac : landscape, peatland, man-made heritage, flora, fauna along a 2km circuit with a child-friendly tour.
All year long
Leaflet available at the Tourist Information  Centre of Rieumontagné
Tél. : 05 32 11 09 47

path of the “termes de Tsaquarello”

– 4 km
From the House of Payrac, this path is marked with stones : cairns, capitelles (dry stone shelter built) and stone walls. Founding elements of the landscape that was formerly mainly rural and that give way today to a large heatland sparkled with purple briars edging pinewoods.
All year long 
Leaflet available at the Tourist Information  Centre of Rieumontagné
Tél.  : 05 32 11 09 47


Arboretums and botanic gardens


botanic circuit of the Raviège

Next to the dam.


Arboretum of the pass of Triby

Created by the pupils of the local school – Free
Lake of  Vesoles road on the D169 at the pass of Triby.
Botanic garden in the village – Free


botanic garden

More of 150 local plants.
Open from June to September by prior appointment
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Guided tours


Moss and lichen of the Haut Languedoc – Rosis

Naturalistic walks with a certified guide, lectures, videoramas, exhibitions.
ou Jacques Pages –
Tél. : ou

La Salvetat-sur-Agout

C.P.I.E. H.-L.

A Permanent Initiatives Centre for the Environment of Haut Languedoc.
Naturalistic walks with a certified guide. Stages on nature, discovery of the  mouflons of Caroux, of the rivers, lakes and peatland, thematic paths, bird watching, cooking with local plants, observation of footprints.
All year long.
Tél. :